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Thread: Nero 6

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    Oct 2002
    Lately ive been using nero 6 to burn some audio cds out of mp3's on my computer.
    When i try to play the cd's ive burnt on my cd player the number of tracks, the track times and the total duration of the cd can be found but the tracks wont play. This happens with some cds and not others. Does anyone know why?

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    I am having that problem with 5 I can listen to them but when I burn them it sais burn process incomplete for some reason.

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    May 2003
    off subject a bit but i use roxio for those type of stuff and never have any problems with it, give it a try guys

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    I used nero vision to burn a copy of a dvd. The original copy (which is a pirate) works on my PS2 but when i played the burned copy it cant read it! But then it works on my PC! Why is that? Can any1 help?


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