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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking

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    Hi guys does anyone know how to get Dragon naturally Speaking 6 to install with xp. It goes about 89% then says that a cab file is currupt or missing is there anyway around this?


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    Your BIN or Image is corrupt. 90% of large files that are on kazaa get corrupted in the download process.

    First, I have both DNS 6 and 7. the 7 version is SO much better as far as accuracy. get it if you can.

    But you can repair your version 6. just put it in BIN/Cue format if its not already. Ultra ISO will convert any image to a BIN/Cue.

    Then download CDMage

    Put your BIN and Cue in the same folder. open CDMAge and click open folder icon. find the folder you have your BIN & Cue , load the cue, click Action<Scan For Corruption.

    When its finished finding the corruption, click Action<Repair Corrupted Sectors. if that does not repair it. click Action<Rebuild Sector Fields.

    Corruption should be repaired


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