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Thread: Does Anyone Have The Pso Mp3...

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    Hi all! This be my first post. I was wondering if anyone had the PSO mp3 Dreams Delight, at least I think that's what it's called. It is the music that is played when you use music Disk 6 in the PSO gamecube version, and it goes something like:

    In the night, dreams delight,
    I want to see you standing there
    In the night, dreams delight,
    you are the one I'm waiting for

    If anyone has this file open to upload I would appreciate it if you replied to this post. Thanks all!

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    try asking in the requests section here in musicworld, youd get a more likely chance of an answer

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    Oops! Sorry about that. Didn't know there was a specific section for requests. Thanks for the advice.


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