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Thread: Vice City Cd Labels

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    hello all.

    i know that sometimes a problem with games not working is that you've given the disk the wrong cd label. i need to know what it is for GTA:Vice City Install disk. I know that the play disk is: Vice_City_Play. So if any of you know what it is could you please tell me?

    If you have the game but don't know how to get the label, the insert the install disk, go to my computer and it will say it instead of the 'CD-Rom or DVD-Rom Drive' bit.

    Thanks very much.

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    mount it with daemon tools and check your disc drives it will tell you

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    You can't play the game from a copied CD, no matter what the label is. You just have to install it by running Setup, then replace the original gta-vc.exe with a NoCD crack. After that you don't need the CD's or the image files to play.


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