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Thread: This File Is Currently In Use

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    hello i have some films ad hd and if i open it says requires special permission to access furstvhe says The file is in use
    This file is currently in use. Close the file, and then try to perform the desired action again.

    Error ID = 0x80070005, Remedy ID = 0x00000000
    Web Help

    if go to web /The multimedia content is on a computer that requires special permission to access

    is er sombody nows what to do i cant move encrypt to secure data

    says you are not allowed to remove al the users frome the file

    have many movies ad my hd and dont know what to do

    tans anyway

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    i try free file also
    and dat says (you do not have sufficient access to 1 procces)

    if i try oder file same thing

    thanks clovis


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