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Thread: Linux Mandrake 9.2 Final

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    Linux Mandrake 9.2 Final

    Mandrake Linux 9.2, which is based on Linux 2.4.22 (and ready for Linux 2.6.0) offers the most advanced Linux features currently available -- in terms of technology as well as the most up-to-date software.

    In addition to recently introduced technologies such as NTFS partition resizing, ACPI power-management, "Zeroconf" network support and expanded WiFi support, Mandrake 9.2 offers countless improvements, such as a refined "MandrakeGalaxy" theme, improved configuration tools and of course KDE 3.1.3, GNOME 2.4.0, OpenOffice 1.1 and Mozilla 1.4.

    Mandrake Linux 9.2 features the following software:

    - Kernel 2.4.22 (a Linux 2.6.0pre kernel is also provided in contribs)
    - XFree86 4.3
    - Glibc 2.3.2
    - GCC 3.3.1
    - Apache 2.0.47, Samba 2.2.8a (Samba 3.0.0 in contribs), MySQL 4.0.15
    - ProFTPD 1.2.8, Postfix 2.0.13, OpenSSH 3.6.1p2
    - KDE 3.1.3, GNOME 2.4.0, IceWM 1.2.13, WindowMaker 0.80.2, Enlightenment 0.16.5, Blackbox 0.65.0
    - 1.1, KOffice 1.3.0, Gnumeric 1.2.0
    - Mozilla 1.4, The GIMP 1.2.5, XMMS 1.2.7

    Download from here

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    shn's Avatar 3μ|\|(7
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    May 2003
    Cool. The thing is I get tired of burning disk every time a new iso comes out for a linux distro.

    I have only mandrake 9.1 disk. But I have all of red hat disk from 6.2 to the severn beta.
    Slackware, debian, gentoo, knoppix, turbo linux, suse and a few more unknown distros like "damn small linux" and a few others.

    Just too many disk. Anyway instead of burning I decided to install the way I like to do anyway. A network ftp install from mandrake servers. All you need is the network boot image and rawwrite it to a floppy. But it wouldnt recognize any of my network cards and I am forced to have to download the iso and burn them to disk.

    The severn beta from redhat installed just fine when I did a network ftp install from red hat mirror server.

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    May 2003
    i'm still having great fun learning on mdk9.1 it continues to amaze me
    using shorewall is tighter than zone alarm yet NAT allows seamless networking through the mdk9.1 box

    and just today i had exact audio copy give me this when i tried ripping a scratched up disk;
    Track  6
       Filename D:\audio\trax\londinium\Archive - Londinium - 06 - Londinium.wav
       Peak level 99.2 %
       Track quality 100.0 %
       Test CRC 361BC462
       Copy CRC 361BC462
       Copy OK
    Track  7
       Filename D:\audio\trax\londinium\Archive - Londinium - 07 - Man-Made.wav
       Peak level 99.2 %
       Track quality 99.6 %
       Copy CRC A6E7041B
       Copy OK
    Track  8
       Filename D:\audio\trax\londinium\Archive - Londinium - 08 - Nothing Else.wav
       Suspicious position 0:00:05
       Missing samples
       Peak level 0.0 %
       Track quality 97.2 %
       Copy finished
    Track  9
       Filename D:\audio\trax\londinium\Archive - Londinium - 09 - SkyScraper.wav
       Missing samples
       Peak level 0.0 %
       Track quality 97.0 %
       Copy finished
    Track 10
       Filename D:\audio\trax\londinium\Archive - Londinium - 10 - Parvaneh (Butterfly).wav
       Missing samples
       Peak level 0.0 %
       Track quality 98.0 %
       Copy finished
    Track 11
       Copy aborted
    it was OK up to track 6 then EAC spat the dumby

    cdparanoia running under grip ripped lovely gap-less glitch-less wavs on the mdk9.1 box

    it took it's time and left me feeling less and less impressed by exact audio copy

    so if my experience is anything to go on i'd recommend anyone that hasn't to try learning linux,
    'cause there is a better way than windows

    nice one shareholder i had heard rummors that mandrake was folding so i'm pleased to see that they were wrong

    grip with cdparanoia and ogg vorbis support was included with mdk9.1
    lame must be otherwise aquired due to copyright bullshit [i found a compiled rpm of lame for mdk so it wasn't very hard]

    haven't seen much accessable p2p apps for the penguins though
    has anyone else used a linux box for ripping?

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    im downloading suse 9.0 off suprnova now as i do prefer to have the iso's.

    its been a while since i have installed a linux distro hope i have not forgot

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    May 2003
    The only problem I have with Red Hat's beta (severn) is that ntfs support is not available. I tried to get a kernel module from the ntfs-linux red hat sourceforge project site like I did for all the other red hat kernels, but that kernel is not on the site yet.

    I could recompile the kernel manually and get ntfs support, but I think the red hat kernel in severn is a beta and Im not about to recompile a beta kernel at least not one from red hat


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