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Thread: Adsl Connection.

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    da moon
    ok guys, i finnaly got adsl, and when i saw this pic i was just about to rip of my HEAD!.


    but this is what i get

    also i havent been able to join any online games since i got this adsl, anyone know anything abuot this or why my speeds are slow ?

    ( well, not really slow, im happy with 50kb a sec, but i want at least 100kb a sec so i can rip of my head! )

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    Well I can see that your downloading at 50 some kb/s with download accelerator. But I also see that you only have 4 connections at the bottom of download accelerator,so that means you either havnt registerd DAP or you just havnt set the settings to Extreme Acceleration.................... Download something with windows defualt download manager and you will see faster speeds,or just register DAP.

    Then post a screenshot of your speeds.
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    50 ~ 60 k seems about right for 512k boradband what do you have

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    386kb/sec = 48.25kB/sec

    i&#39;d be happy to download at anything more than 45kB/sec if i were you...
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    Originally posted by huuramis@21 October 2003 - 10:32
    also i havent been able to join any online games since i got this adsl, anyone know anything abuot this or why my speeds are slow ?
    Sometimes ISP&#39;s advertise it at a lower speed and often they also limit the bandwidth you get, so if you pay more, you also get more bandwidth. Anyway, your speed is great for your type of connection&#33;

    Your gaming problems have probably something to do with ports that are not (correctly) forwarded. Your ISP could also be blocking these ports but that is pretty rare. Depending on what DSL modem you have, you might have to go into the configuration menu and setup port forwarding (NAT) or enable IP Passthrough/DMZ service. How is the modem hooked up? USB or ethernet? Does the modem also work as your DHCP server?

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    ounce you leave kazaa on for a bit, you will notice some speed changes.......

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    da moon
    ok well i have 512kb adsl. and i have registered my dap and even when i download from 10 people its still stays at around 50kb.

    but from what i here it sounds as if that is normal for 512kb adsl ? i was just worried because when i asked my isp they said it will download at about 120-140kb a sec.

    also my kazaa is being a bit homo, when i try to download most stuff it will find like 7 useres and then it will go down to only 1 user and download at like 5kb a sec .

    my modem is Billion ADSL modem router with ethernet and usb port, im using the ethernet port right now.

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    64kbps without overheads is the max dl speed for 512 adsl, if yours is Radsl (rate adaptive adsl) then each connection you make from power down loss of connection etc differs.

    it also depends on how far away from the exchange you are.

    your isp has bs&#39;d you in saying 140kbps they obviously know nothing or assume you know nothing.

    remember you can only download as fast as the person uploads to you and on residential connections youll be hard pressed to download anything faster than 25kbps from one source



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