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Thread: Countries Outside U.s. Safe?

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    I live in Canada...should I be worrying about legal action from MPAA/RIAA/BSA???

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    wtf you live in Canada?

    didn't you post about the isp warnings?

    what province you live in?

    you shouldn't have to worry about file sharing in Canada

    i use telus and i download like a bitch

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    not sure who the BSA are, but RIAA and MPAA are american, so i'd say its very unlikely they would come after you, and they probably wouldn't be able to.

    however, there probably exist similar groups in Canada, that in theory could come after you (maybe they have a Canadian Recording Industry Association - or something of a similar name) and this would be the groups that would be of more of a worry to you - im sure RIAA would happily provide them with information though.

    Also keep in mind some of the laws in Canada are likely to be quite different. In the US, the Recording and Motion Picture associations have far more influence than they do in most other countries.

    the reason being that the US is a lot closer to a plutocracy than a democracy. many of the US senators and members of Congress are 'bought' and 'owned' via political donations.

    Political donations exist in any democracy, but due to the lack of a strong 'party' line, in the US, it makes it particularly easy for them to buy the votes of congress.

    What do i mean by 'party line'? well in US politics, often when there is a vote, all the democrats won't vote the same way and nor will all the republicans. often some democrats will vote with republicans , and vice versa. (democrats and republicans are the two major political parties in the US). whereas in my country, Australia, our major political parties follow a strong party line. everyone in the one political party votes the same way in Parliament. (this makes it much harder for votes to be bought, and thus its harder for wealthy industry groups to control the lawmakers with money)

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    There happens to some conflict in UK about the requests being made by the RIAA.
    it appears that all that is going on is a load of FTP sites and ebay autions containing mp3s are being shut down. Only thing that they are doing is waitig the European copyright laws to be implimented in the UK, also pay to download services are being given a boost by the government (aka Napster being re-opend).
    But we are quite safe atm.


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