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Thread: Cpu Temp

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    Anyone help, i just picked up a new gaming pc today, P4 2.4 800fsb, overclocked it . What the maximun safe cpu temp to let it get to? BTW MSI mobo, w/ 1gb 400ddr ram

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    for Athlons 60c gives you a nice safety margin, not sure how different it would be for Pentiums - you can look on the Intel website and see if you can find some white-papers with all the tech specs for your processor
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    You need to know what you're doing to overclock. If you need to ask that question then just don't overclock.

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    When P4 processors get too hot they start throttling back on the multiplier. In comparison, the P3 chips simply shut down. Since you probably won't know that it has throttled back, the result is that you won't get the performance you might expect. The only way to successfully overclock a P4 is to prevent it getting too hot in the first place.
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