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Thread: Merlins-Loft Review

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    Indexes 425+ active torrents
    The torrents are movies, TV shows, soundtracks all related to the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A few exclusive, unique torrents have also been indexed.
    Merlin is operated by experienced crew who are responsible for running the successful ACiD tracker.
    indexes movies, TV shows and music that belong to Science Fiction / Fantasy genres.

    As of posting this , about 420 members - signups are open through IRC and email, address posted in Open-sign up's page.
    Site may open doors to Open Signups in future.
    User Limit is fixed to 15K members.
    Staff aims to provide only the latest stuff in Sci-Fi genre - Music/movies are restricted to Sci-Fi only !!
    A couple of quotes from the tracker site

    To be eligible for invites the following Rules Must Be followed!

    1. You will have downloaded Something and seeded it 1:1
    2. Must been using the forums and becoming part of the community.
    3. Don't make asking for invites your first post-You have been warned.
    4. Then Its up to the Staff Member to give Extra Invites at their discretion.
    5. To request in posts post in this forum topic: Ask for extra invites here

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    this is gr8 tracker for people who like fantasy and scifi stuff..its an exclusive tracker for its kind.i recently logged as a member of it..though its budding up ..i hope it will turn out to be a good tracker


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