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Thread: Help... Me

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    i didnt know if this topis was supposed to be in the lounge but i put it in anyway...

    im tryin to format my computer and iv never done it before... i have windows ME but not the cd for it, although i have a windows 98 disk, i have made a startup disk for it though. apparently you need MS-DOS to format the computer and my computer seems to be hiding it from me and wont give it to me!

    can anybody help me as i am about to put an angry fist through the screen

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    So your puter is happy or keeps making passes at you?

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    Moving this to software world.

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    so do you want steps to help you install win98?

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    Create as 'Startup diskette'.

    Start>Control Panel>Add Remove Programs>Startup diskette tab> Create diskette.

    Insert the startup diskette and reboot. You will get to the DOS prompt where you can format from there.

    I'm not sure if I show all the steps as it's been a long time since I've used Win9x. :x

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    if you want win98 on your sys and have a startup disk follow these steps

    reboot with win 98 startup disk in the floppy in the drive,
    at the a: prompt type fdisk to make you partitions press yes or no at the prompt dependin on what you want file system you want.
    (y=Fat32 n=Fat16 Fat 16 can only see as far as 2gb partitions)
    reboot at the a: prompt type format c: /s and follow the steps when it has finished formating,
    at the a: prompt again make sure the win98 cd rom is in the drive and type setup.exe and follow the steps to install win98.

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    cheers for all this guys but i know all this... iv got winME installed on here but my uncle has stolen the cd for it... i have a copied win98 cd and a real win95 cd. i have made a start up diskette and it has told me its for winME(i dont know if that makes a difference or not)nad iv rebooted with the diskette in but nothing happens.

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    rebooted with the diskette in but nothing happens.
    What do you mean by that? does the diskette boot?

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    Ok first you need a bootdisc of '98 not ME it as a differant in it in size and you will get errors if you use a ME bootdisc,the C:\format switch "/s" does not work anymore with ME.
    Either get the '98 cd back or download a copy of ME with serial or your in for a surpraise belief me been there done that.
    "No boot with to dos" make sure in your bios(cmos) the boot option is set to floppy first press del or whatever your board is to get in.
    Why do you want '98 on what's wrong with Me ?

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    I think I'd rather have 3.1 than ME
    a better question would be whats RIGHT with windows ME

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