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Thread: "ndisuio.sys" What The Hell Is It?

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    hello all,
    i have this file "ndisuio.sys" using the internet all the time and i dont know what it is or does. i have sygate firewall and it asks me whether i want to allow access to internet or not. ii doesnt make a difference whther i block it or allow it, it still using the internet and downloads something all the time. i have norton antivirus and ive checked it and it says it isnt a virus.
    is it a trojan/worm or what???

    please could you help me with this one.

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    from here

    WRAPI functions obtain information about the wireless LAN using the NDIS User Mode I/O Protocol (NDISUIO).

    NDISUIO is a connection-less, NDIS 5.1 compliant protocol driver. It allows user-mode applications to establish and tear-down bindings to network adapters (Ethernet, WLAN etc.) Further, it also supports setting packet filters, sending and receiving data, and handling plug-and-play events. Therefore, as an NDIS_aware component, NDISUIO can directly open an NDIS miniport driver (i.e. network card driver) to send requests, set, and query information. NDISUIO provides an interface between a user-mode application and NDIS using DeviceIoControl (similar to the Unix ioctl). The NDISUIO driver (ndisuio.sys) is already installed in your system under:

    More information about NDISUIO can be obtained from

    look like some kind of wireless network

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    FILENAME: Ndisuio.sys.
    DESCRIPTION: Internal Windows driver; performs internal communications tasks within Windows.
    RECOMMENDED ACTION: Always permit.


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