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Thread: Onboard Graphics Card & My Tnt M64 Pro

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    as you can see from the pic below there is a red cross on one of the graphics cards
    i know this is the onboard one and it is disabled

    my question is should it be removed so that windows doesnt see it at all and if so will windows reinstall it when/if i take out my tnt m64 pro and need to use the onboard one

    cheers guyz

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    if you removed it then Windows will auto-detect it and probably mess things up, so i would just leave it
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    try disabling it in bios

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    You can disable it where you are. Right click on it and choose properties, disable it.

    As long as it has a cross by it, it's not working, so is causing you no probs. If you delete it, Windows will find it again.

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    Disable in Bios, then boot and if necessary remove (uninstall) from Device Manager. Why leave it lingering around.

    If my memory serves me correctly, it should not be there once disabled from Bios.
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