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Thread: Finland May Let Parents Track Teens Via Cell Phone

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    HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters) -- Finland has proposed a new law that would let parents track the movements of their young children via mobile phone, even without their consent, in a move that could set an EU benchmark in privacy and handset use.

    The proposal is part of new law on privacy in electronic communications and could still be changed in parliament hearings, although the Nordic country's coalition government accepted it unanimously this week.

    Parliament will likely start discussing the proposal early in November, but state officials and politicians said it was too early to estimate when the law could be passed..........

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    Kids need protecting, and looking after, that's the job of parents. If they have to hide these things to protect them, so be it. If you told a teenager he was bugged, he'd leave it somewhere and go do what he wanted. This world is nothing like when I grew up in the 50's.

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    I can understand why some people will be upset by this news, but a child is the sole responsibility of the parent, and if they feel this is necessary step albeit

    Though I think there is perhaps another issue here, in that, is this only the thin edge of the wedge, tagging children, criminals somewhere along the line ending up with the general public???

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    Ugh.. what a terrible idea.

    the system would be hacked within a week and taken down.

    and what if you just turn your phone off?


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