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Thread: I Need Help Please

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    [SIZE=7]Hi i need some help i am looking for Windows XP Pro to download i have had no luck on Kazaa i found one it was a EXE file but i did not let me install it. If anyone can help it would be good. If you can help me can it also be a boot CD as will so when i put it on a CD i can put it in the CDROM turn off the computer turn it back on and it will read the windows XP pro and install it this is what i am looking for please help thank you for your time

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    I suggessit suprnova plenty of sources

    you need a bittorent client in order to download
    click here for a bittorrent client

    and read about bittorrent here if you want to learn the in's and out of it

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    the one you DL'd was ok, you just need to either change the ext from exe to iso or open it with isobuster or winiso and extract the files to a folder and either burn to disc or run from folder.

    edit.... also go HERE for info on how to make it bootable, the first bit of page is a tad confusing and not needed, it has links for the image files to download, unpack them if they zipped and put them in a separate folder, it will be two files, then follow the instructions for burning a bootable disc with nero, it will ask for the files and just browse to the folder that you unpacked them to. make sure you change the settings as described on site or it wont boot.

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    all ^^ and also add that he would have to run cdmang to correct all the errors, + the ones on suprnova have sp1 some even have sp2 intergreated


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