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Thread: Need Help With Waixmule

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    I just got adsl the other day and i found a p2p program that only downloads from ppl that are waix.

    I am totaly new to waixmule and dont have a clue on how to set it up. Can some one help me out because their is like fuck all support for this program.

    The reason i want to use waixmule is because waix downloads dont go towards my download limit.

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    I never heard of a waximule but If u want a good p2p just use kazaa or

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    Like i said.

    The reason i want to use waixmule is because waix downloads dont go towards my download limit.

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    Sorry, can't really help u with that because I doubt alot of people use it or have heard of it.

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    how would a dl not count towards your limit...i thought it was based on the amount u receive/bytes an isp sends u...arent u still receiving bytes despite it be a dl from Kazaa or Bittorrent or Waixmule (btw never heard of it)? Just curious cause if youre right i might check it out myself...

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    WAIX Is the West Australian Internet exchange only people in WA who's isp's allow it can access it, it set up to save ISP costs with peering with the big four telcos telstra , optus, iprimus and other i cant remember, while internet exchanges are common around the world, the peering between big and small Isp's is usally free but in Australia it is not, there are various versions for diffrent exchanges in each state for instance NSW and VIC have PIPE.
    This doesnt matter much for people on unlimited but people with qoutas it's a must as this usally doesnt count towards there qouta.

    I dont know much about it as i dont use it, but this place is probaly not the best place to ask, you should try
    It an Australia site that has great support for this and other broadband Issues, prices and the like., just dont talk about warez

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    Yep waix is a really cool idea.

    Waixmule is a modified version of emule that only downloads from IP's that are waix.

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    Nice idea

    But the concept of limiting Waixmule to Australia is that in reality practically all of the people who can help are in (surprise surprise ) Australia.

    Does Waixmule have a support forum? If not, maybe there's a Waixmule enthusiasts forum you can find on Google

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    oi dude thats no quite accurrate that description of waixmule.

    Its a kinda closed community which uses emule- waixmule. It requires "membership".

    To get membership you need 2 people who are already members in this communitty to vouch for you that you will share high quality content and that your not one of the croanies trying to gather evidence to shut waixmule down and threaten legal action.

    As you can imagine the waixmule - which targets only waix members is very easy to track and very inexpensive to investigate the users because Hey there all in Western Australia! And most of its bandwith is from Perth, they know which isps are members, threaten legal action against these isps for harbouring the users if they do not agree to give the details of the ip adresses of users they have evidence of sharing copyrighted files and BOOM !! like shooting fish in a barrel

    Its way too much hassle to get in on it unless you know people on waix who will vouch for you ie put there memberships on the line for you, you better start spendin every spare moment on irc building a reputation of being one bad ass mofo filesharer! haha

    Best option for waix is dcconnect its damn easy to get on compared to waixmule and will give ya a good rep to get on waixmule get irc and goto #perthdc
    For more info try

    I don't bother with WAIX peer 2 peer but I hope this helped you out coz i know there aint much info out there


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