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Thread: Audio Codec Format Tag 55

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    all the music I have downloaded lately comes back with this error whan I try to burn it to a cd, or play it I have been using windows media playe 9 to burm music and it has worked fine until recently. some songs will play then stop and will come up with the error. what am I doing wrong?

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    don't know but once you get wmp9, you can't get rid of it PLUS it has DRM

    what the hell is drm you ask

    ohh well I'll just un-install it if its so bad

    you can't, there is no un-install of wmp9

    from the link:
    Windows Me and XP users must rely on a feature called "System Restore" to roll back their Windows installation to a time before they installed Media Player 9 Series if the want to uninstall it. The clunky alternative doesn't really remove all Windows Media Player 9 Series files and could potentially wipe out other system changes.

    could be that I would try to get rid of it and use nero or ANYTHING other than wmp9


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