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Thread: Bizarre Bit Torrent Problem

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    For some odd reason, Bit Torrent will download fine as long as I remain active on the computer. If I leave the computer for any amount of time, I will come back to find the download either dead or at a crawl. My mouse will then at that point lock-up and after a few seconds I'll regain control. This lock-up then continues leaving me with no way to finish the download. Any ideas?

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    Probably have alot things running and it's using up resources try CTRL+ALT+DEL and then close some programs and processes down also try reinstalling your BT client

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    windows 98? whats your OS

    and this is from here
    (quoted because it was down as of post)

    What can I do if I get a blue screen error, spontaneous reboot, or lockup?
    Some network cards and DSL modems have buggy drivers. Common symptoms include a blue screen (with a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error) or a spontaneous reboot. Here are some common culprits:

    Linksys LNE100TX model 5, Linksys NC100, Skymaster SK1207E, Planex FNW-9803-T, or any other network card based on the AN983B chipset by ADMtek, sometimes also sold under the no-name "Asound" or "Fast" brands. Note that this includes some motherboards' built-in Ethernet controllers, such as: MSI (Microstar) MS-6378, DFI NS70-EL & AZ30-EL, USI PM-845, Fujitsu D1451. The solution seems to be to install one of the following drivers from ADMtek: Windows XP, Windows ME/2000, Windows 98. These are drivers from the chipset manufacturer and are Microsoft certified. Use these drivers in place of any other driver for those cards, including the latest version from Linksys.
    Netgear FA311 - Try this version (1.30) of the drivers from Netgear.
    Netgear FA312 - Seems to have the same problem as the FA311, but try this version (1.8) of the drivers instead. (Note that this driver should work with both the FA311 and FA312, so also try it if you have the FA311 and the above driver doesn't work.)
    Alcatel Speed Touch USB DSL modem - Install these drivers.
    If your network interface card (NIC) or DSL/cable modem were not listed above, then check with the manufacturer's website and make sure you have the latest drivers.

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    Its a BRAND NEW COMPUTER (these problems kill me) and my OS is Windows XP, I also disabled XPs firewall.

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    you have any of the nic cards listed?


    could it be going into hibernation?

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    Have you limited the max sources (seeds+peers) in BitTorrent to fewer than 100?

    Exceed that number and Win 9x/ME WILL SLOW TO A CRAWL OR CRASH!


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