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Thread: Homeworld Installation Problem

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    when i am installing homeworld 2 i either get homeworld 2 encounted a problem application must close ,this is when i am installing from an iso.If i am installing from .bin i get the following error an i/o error occured whilst instaling a file this is normally caused by bad installation media or corrupt file.
    Please help.
    If i need to download again can you give me the hash

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    Look on google for a program called CDmage,this will scan your .bin for any corrupt sectors and fix them where necessary.Hope it works for you.

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    Yep I posted this before because a number of people got corruption in their halo bin. Download CDMage and Scan for Errors/Corruptions under the Actions menu.

    Usually althought awin32 application may say it's corrupted, cdmage will fix it once you open it. If you can't open it even using cdmage, then your bin is far beyond corruption.

    if your bin is too corrupted I suggest you download the hw2 rip, if you don't mind, off dwerkz, a pretty good games site.

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    thanks, i tried cdmage which fixed a few courrupt files.
    Now whenever i load the game,i get to 10 seconds from complete instalaltion before i receive
    Homeworld 2 encounted a problem and has to you want to send info
    back to microsoft.

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    if u wont i can upload u my working Homeworld 2 bins

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    Night ass...yes please but how do we do that

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    i cood setup a bit torrent file

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    yes please mate


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