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Thread: Msn 9 & Msn Messenger 6.1 Updated

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    Today MSN have released another refresh update to the MSN 9 beta. Included in the update is a new version of MSN Explorer 9 and MSN Messenger 6.1. This brings MSN Messenger 6.1 up to build 6.1.0150 and MSN 9 Explorer to 9.00.0010.1601.

    No huge changes in either application just the usual bugs getting squashed. It should be noted that MSN Messenger 6.1 functions fine with Messenger Plus! MSN Messenger 6.1 is due to launch officially tomorrow. Although there has been a refresh today it doesn't seem likely that build 0150 will be the final build as it still bares the (BETA) tag. But for all of those wanting to keep up to date with Messenger 6.1 Beta and MSN 9 beta, download away

    Download: MSN Messenger 6.1.0150 Beta
    Download: MSN 9 Beta Installer

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    Thanks For The Info {I}{K}{E}


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