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Thread: Chapters/menu

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    Is There Any Way To Create Chapters/Menu For My VCD's? What program should i use and is there a tutorial for it. Thank you.

  2. Movies & TV   -   #2 has tutorials on this

    Personally though, I feel menus on svcd/vcd's are an annoyance. Unless there is more than one file on the VCD/SVCD disc.

    I have a Pioneer dv-c505 5 disc dvd changer and if there are menu's on it, i have to press "1" after the disc changes, which sucks. If there is not a menu, it just changes discs and automatically plays, which i like.

    Of course, if there is more than one file on a disc and you want to be able to watch certain ones as you choose, menus come in handy.

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    vcdgear is made for this, and I like them, wish more people (release gourps) would put out movies with them

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    get vcdeasy burner, it works well for chapters and does menus, though i never useed menus myself
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