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Thread: Cold Fusion Mx 6.1

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    Ok can somebody please explain to me what cold fusion mx is i just dont get it

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    if you google it it says it's macromedia server software.
    what's your point

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    Cosmic is correct, Cold Fusion MX is server software to give the likes of IIS the ability to serve up pages coded in Cold Fusion Markup Language.

    Basically, it's like ASP, PHP etcetera - just another server side language. If you don't know what it is, you probably don't need it.

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    I've got it, but I could never get my head round how to make it work. When I was following the tutorial to try and learn Cold Fusion, there was always some problem with it, can't remember exactly what it was, because it was so long ago. So I haven't bothered with it for a few months now.


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