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Thread: Internet Explorer Chokes

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    Jul 2003
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    Internet Explorer just pauses for like 20 seconds then loads extremely quick.
    It's weird, I tested a download and it went at 124 KB/s, so my cable modem is functioning properly. Has anybody had this problem with IE? I just recently installed Diskeeper and I run it daily, could this have done anything? It's the only thing I can think of that has been installed. I scanned for viruses and found these two, which were deleted by NAV:


    I also ran Adaware and Spybot, which did turn up some results. Defraged and restarted.

    I also wasn't able to launch Opera, it would just freeze my cpu, so I uninstalled it.

    Any ideas? It seems to be some sort of internet issue? Just wondering if anybody had any similar situations.....


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    You need to disable system restore. Run all those checks again. Make sure your system is clean. Run a registry fixer, I suggest Ace Utilities. Then reenable system restore if you so choose.

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    Also try Webroot's Windows Washer and clean the internet cache and history regularly with it.
    You can D/L it from Kazaa


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