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Thread: Halo Pc

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    ok I have been looking all morning for the answer so please give me a break here, I D/L'ed halo PC and it comes in bin cue so I burn it using roxio cd creator5 and when I look on the cd its still bin&cue I cant install it or nothing, what did I do wrong? how do you burn this and install it? thank you for your patience and help.

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    nero ( )
    once installed click recorder at the top
    the burn image, box pops up then find your cue, hit ok then click the burn button at the top

    just to throw this out
    you don't have to burn it in order to install it
    look into daemon-tools, saves allot of effort and cd's

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    so you need nero to burn the bins&cues ? great thanks! appreciate it buddy!

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    To burn Just use Nero then go to file>burn image(Nero 5.x) or choose recorder>burn image(Nero 6) and then select the .cue file (make sure the .bin is in the same folder) the hit burn.

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    ok I'm trying to use nero (the latest version), and I click on.. use favorits? or copy and back up? I'm a little confused I never used nero before and I then choose burn image to disk? but when I do that and I goto my destination folder I don't see the CUE file in my choices. thanks for your patience guys

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    open nero and close the wizard that pops up

    at the top pick recorder
    choose burn image
    find your cue
    hit ok
    then hit burn at the top

    BTW: heres a link to daemon tools
    1. Install Daemon Tools
    2. On the bottom of your screen there is little icon of Daemon Tools, click it.
    3. Click on "Device 0: [H:] No media" (H could also be another letter) and a window pops up.
    4. Select the disc image you want to load and click on open

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    ok I don't get this I did what you guys told me but when I go to burn it it wants to save the Image again, it doesn't just burn the Image like you guys say. I have the bin and cue together in the same folder. Does anyone have "nero for dummies" book? could you guys explain it to me in baby steps? I use my other burner software to burn stuff no problems and usually I never have a problem with them I just don't get it also I'm D/L'ing max payne 2 and I want to be able to install that too! BTW does anyone have a good copy of max payne 1? I did a search and their all winAce! every god damn copy! thanks a buch guys! B)

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    if it gets to complicated use Daemon Tools and just mount the images

    just use nero smart start and click copy and back up then jsut click burn image on disk and voila it works!

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    ok I used the daemon tools and it installed beautifully,thanks a million for your help guys!!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on max payne 2!!! BTW does anyone know where to get a working copy of MAX PAYNE1? could someone post a hash? thanks a million again!!! plays nice even tho it told me I don't meet the requirements (whats up with that?) very fun game! woohoo!!


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