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Thread: Overclocking Programs?

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    I need to find some overclocking programs for my Athlon AMD XP 1500+ anyone know of and good programs?

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    Uhh, your bios?

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    Pah, I am not sure on that one, anyway I could find out.

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    search on google..but if u want to overclock....know the risks adn evrythin.

    try this forum they have a overcloking forum if tht dont help search google and im sure ull find sumthin.

    BTW the best way to overclock is to use ur BIOS

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    I have read all the risks involved, it came with the 3 days of searching on google for overclocking programs. Ill try that website, thanks. Anyone else?

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    when i got my amd, it came wit a thing called "warp speed" and its a OC'ing proggy, i dont kno alot bout it so i dont oc any, its good for temp tho, but i dont like celcuis*


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