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Thread: Max Payne 2 And Ircspy

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    i just signed up for regestration on ircspy and i searched and found the file i want but how do i download itr now? is it like kazaa? do i need to downlload something first or what?

    Help wod b gd plz

    thnx in advance.


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    ok, here we go.
    1. U need a program called mIRC, download it from HERE
    2. When that is installed, go back 2 ircspy
    3. Now click the number of the file u want e.g #1 749 MB Max Payne 2
    4. mIRC will open, u'll c a window open and then a second one.
    5. In the 2nd window HOLD (Ctrl+V) this will Paste, now press ENTER
    6. In blackish brown writting, it will say u r in the que and after 2 mins, it will then say how long it'll take untill it's your turn 2 download.

    Make sure your do the settings FIRST

    It takes long but it's well worth it.



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