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Thread: Ip Addresses In Bittorrent

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    If I wish to know all the ip addresses that are participating in a particular torrent, then how do I find that out ?
    -> So if I am downloading, I can use experimental bittorrent that can (in advance window) tell me all IP addresses that I am downloading that their percentage complete.

    -> If I am seeding that I can see all the people who less than 100%. But there's the problem. As soon as they get 100%, mean they aren't downloading from you, so you won't be able to see their IP anymore and will give you an impression that those people are Leechers. Now at the same time if I check in the Torrentspy, then I can see that there are more than me who's seeding it but I can't see their IP.

    So my question, again, is How do I see the complete list of IPs that are participating in a particular torrent.

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    The only way to see it is if u are connected to them but as long as you're not the only one what's the problem.

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    You cant, there is no software yet, I would of though next version of shodows will have it in.

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    nova torrent lets u do that

    best client to date, shadow sucks assz


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