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Thread: A Little Help?

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    go to google, and find a download agent called bittorent or smth like that!
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    thank you do smuch. I gotta ask u a question. Should I really download the call of duty promo? I mean it ruins it. People say its the game without multiplayer,cutscenes and some bugs. But it does have alot. If I download it ill hate myself but i dunno? can someone help me?

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    okay, first off, that's a decision that you have to make. that's like asking me if i wanted to download the doom3 alpha, and i did when it got leaked. why? cuz i wanted to see the graphics. temptations are universal and human nature. but of course, my comp could only run it for so long, i got rid of it last month. i think i'll wait for the xbox version to come out .

    oh ya, and it's been a while since i posted on these forums. way 2 many tests. school sucks ass, but then again, it'll eventually pay off. stupid quadratic equations....

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    for the best client, and here is the faq for all your future questions <- seems to be down ATM so heres the next best guide

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    thanx so much. I

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    Where do i download the doom 3 alpha?


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