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Thread: Have A Problem

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    well yesterday i had a problem this is the problem i thought that i fixed but no, and today i have nothing next to the clock my antivirus, firewall and the thing for the sound, the antivirus and the firewall are off and i cant make them go on, i cheked for virus but there was not any. also i cant use the msn messenger it said something about my connection. thanks

    sorry for my english

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    Have you tried reinstalling your internet explorer and your antivirus and firewall? That might help. The horn icon in the task bar problem, Go to Control Panel>Multimedia> and make sure 'Show volume Control on the Taskbar' is checked. If it is checked, and your icon still doesn't show up, its possible that program you used or something else messed up your sound card. Hope this helps. If not maybe someone else might have some idea about it.


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