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Thread: My File Is Too Big

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    Hi all ,
    complete and utter novice here , got me one of those 1meg broadband things so decided to download some films. got nero 6 so thought it would be easy..wrong!!.. when i get the file with the film i get the message file to big you have700mb and need 1200mb , so i cant burn.
    can someone please tell this idiot in laymans terms what to do.



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    what prog. do you use?

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    What size is the file ?

    If it's barely over 700mb and you want to burn said file to a data disc, and you can sacrifice the excess mb... I suggest downloading a program called cutoff.exe and with it you can remove the amount needed to make the file small enough to burn.

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    i use nero6 and the file in question is 1100mb on a 700mb disc , any suggestions?


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    Get TMPGEnc.
    Go to File-MPEG Tools-Cut/Merge
    Add the file you require to split, double click on it, here you will be able to split the file by manouvering the Start and End file cursor.

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    Is it a avi or mpeg file

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    why not try a 99min disc.Open nero click on preferences,,,click on 'enable overburn at once',, then type in 99 mins in cd length...This will allow you to burn most movies on one disc.
    Some cdrw's wont allow this option and nero gives out warnings against it.
    I've had no problems so far


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