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Thread: Disappeared Movie Download

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    I was downloading a movie that disappeared after a restart. What has happened ?

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    Maybe it finished downloading ?

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    Oh, no. It was still lacking about 200 000 kb, but now it's gone.. and I had been downloading this for a week.

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    Is it possible that you accidentally deleted the .dat file in your destination folder ?

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    No, that would be rather clumsy.

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    i have things like that happen and also that say it hasnt started yet but you preview it it will have 9 min downloaded

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    I encountered this problem about a year ago. Have you recently reinstalled a new version of Kazaa. If so, I would recommend that you fully uninstall this, including the registry keys and reinstall.
    My PC would shut down for no reason, when restarted, one of my downloads would disappear. The above fix worked for me and it never happened again.

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    been there too with an older version
    damn is it annoying u got like 50-60 mb left and poof
    like a genie it's gone and u have to start over again

    but I agree, fully uninstall/reinstall would do the trick

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    The other reasons this happens mate is if the dat file becomes currupt.Kazaa lite will then delete the file.Or you changed the path to another disk/partition.

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    This was also posted in the Problems section - closing this one.


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