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Thread: The Sleepy Jackson

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    Anyone in their right mind would loooooovvve this band. Anyone here heard of them ? "Don't you know" is brilliant.

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    not my kind of music...sometimes i wish Australian indie rock died with spiderbait...

    even at the Aria's not many people mentioned them or their performance...because their performance was a bit bland...especially with powderfinger's performance blowing them away...i actually liked darren hayes perfromance of delta's *lost without you* more than the sleepy jackson's performance...

    *just another sidenote i really loved when delta beat kylie for best female performer (it really made my night)...aswell as Amiel singing her song and for the last line reverting back to the orginal version (just another fucking lovesong)*

    but im sure they have their fans and im normally a strong supporter of most australian music...but yeah they really won't draw me to go see them live or buy their album...

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    i thought they're a british band.
    but yeah, different people have different tastes.


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