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Thread: Edit Track Info

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    What is the criteria Kazaa uses for its file info,i.e where does it get its info from for artist,title,album,genre etc.

    I have a large number of files(over 1800) which show as unknown in the genre,and i dont really want to manually edit each one.Is there an easier way of going about this similar to that of WMP9?

    I have tried using TagScanner but although its good at renaming batches of files, when they are imported into kazaa,the info doesn't seem to update,unless of course I'm not using it correctly!!

    Already posted this in the questions board,but was unable to resolve problem,and they suggested i post here so maybe someone can advise.


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    I use tag scanner all the time so

    Sometimes you need to remove the tags 1 and 2 and re-write both or remember to check the id2 tag box

    hope this helps
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