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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean

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    how can i wacth this movie is .rmvb

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    Try renaming the file so it ends in .mpg or .avi

    I've never seen that file extension before so somebody may have changed it. It looks a little bit like Real Media, so try renaming the extension as .rm and let me know if it works.


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    Yer It Does Require Real Player Or Try The Real Alternative

    .rm & .rmvb is a Real video file (.ram is for audio only). The .rmvb extension stands for RealVideo Variable Bit Rate File so as the name suggests .rmvb files use a variable bitrate whereas .rm files use a constant bitrate. These generally are reserved for online real-time video but the television series SouthPark is known to use the .rm extension.
    Thanks to zin for that

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    I have never had to rename shit, why do people always want to spout off some shit about renaming a file

    the only time you should have to rename a file if its a iso or in

    please stop telling people to re name files, does nothing but cause problems


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