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Thread: Mona Sax

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    yes i do have better taste in women than thinking of an in game character that way---its not the in game character but the one that comes on in between in loading screens which by the way - she luks good --- u guys reached the scene were max and she kiss ??? ---- the last pic !!!!!---- her t-shirts up and u can see her breasts (not the whole thing)--sexy (amazing photography)

    the one on the main screen !!!

    is that just graphics or is it someone in real ??

    if its just graphics _____ --- i need to get a life;;

    i'm just makin a point , nothin else !!!1

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    too skinny.

    the real life mona sax (the model for the character) is Kathy tong.

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    i made a couple screenshots of mona fighting in the naked skin. thanks to the other guy. but its like in this weird format, and i can't open it with paint or anything. how do i convert it to a jpeg or something like that?

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    sex scene RULES..... i love the way they put the sounds so you would just "imagine" what was goin on LOL...

    i wanted more action tho

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    I posted some thing like this on the gamefaqs forums.

    I mean if you like any female character from any other game, you're prolly geeky, but if you think mona in mp2 is attractive, I believe you don't have to be considered a freak to think she's hot.

    It's not only the way she's presented by the producer's of mp2, they gave the game a deep storyline and had her really involved with max in a very hard-to-get and sexual relationship that actually makes the character very realistic.

    Realism = attraction, and that's why some gamers actually get attracted to mona from mp2, I think there's an issue about this somewhere around the other forums on mp2. And, you have to admit the graphic novels in the game featuring her and max payen were hot hot hot. Fancy Max bringing her up against the wall and was about to bone her when the bloody squeaky cleaners came in...wrong timing.

    the ingame mona is not so hot though . But okay nevertheless, I got pretty gd screenies of nude mona because I honestly felt like doing the screenies.

    there's a video at , just do a search.
    I'll post the screenies when I feel like it, they are huge tga files.

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    Tisk, tisk... pervert.
    What's all this about, then?

    I am pretty damn curious. She is sweeet!


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