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Thread: Best Tunneling Tool

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    I m new user here, but I've been using Kazaa for last 2 years.

    So, far I was using Http-Tunnel and speed was around 3-4 kbps (as my LAN dont have broad band) and now I tried ProxyCap v2.0, and believe me its the best tool available. I m getting 10 kbps.

    Just try it !!!!!!

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    - I've downloaded proxycap v.2, and followed the instructions but still I can't get kazaa to connect. so plz can u write a a step by step guide how to setup proxycap

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    BTW, because Kazaa/KL++ reports your LOCAL ip in its forwarding information, a proxy may not be hiding you as well as you think...

    This is the problem for firewalled/router users who are port forwarding the ip port KL++ uses -- they STILL are reported as being on their local LAN ip (ie: 192.168.x.x) INSTEAD of giving out their internet WAN ip in searches!

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    How to use ProxyCap ?
    First of all remove all firewall settings from Kazaa Options and follow the steps:

    1. Right click icon in the task bar and select preferences.
    2. Select type of proxy and enter the IP and port.
    3. Go to rules. Select 'New' in 'Edit tunneling rules'
    4. Select Tunnel Through proxy and type of proxy.
    5. Specify the application, which you want to use with ProxyCap. (For KazaaLite
    select klrun.exe from Programfiles)

    And thats dont need to put any firewall setting in Kazaa Options.

    Try it and post the reply.....

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    thanks for the info, but idont seem to get any links from google to download this software from.could you pliz drop the link to the page you downloaded this software from

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    This program acts strangely on my computer, with the early version it worked sometimes and now the new version wont work it's seems kazaa or any other program just bypasses it, also everytime it starts up with windows it says the network configuration is out of date and it has to be re-installed.

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    Anyone tried kazaahttp it's suppose to tunnel though http proxys but usally it requires proxys that support ssl.

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    I suggest:

    DK Firewall Booster Beta Version

    - Bypasses some .edu networks that are blocking Kazaa.
    - Works by running as a local proxy
    - Changes the Kazaa network name to confuse firewall software
    - Restructures packets to look like HTTP requests
    - Bandwith throttle to prevent getting busted for using too much bandwith

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    the one u recommended is just trial version for 20 days , ie kazaahttp on, is there any crck available.. now http tunnel has done 1 more thing till now older versions were workin now there seems to be problem they've blocked them now tooo

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    @fmh002-does that dkboost program work with kazaa lite and regular kazaa or just dietkazaa? The reason I ask is because I rarely use Kazaa, so I have regular kazaa2.11 plus the dope wars update(cydoor neutering) from I was looking for a program the would rewrite the headers on p2p apps but this dkboost is the first i found so I'm curious.

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