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Thread: I Wanna Make Dvd-r Movies

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    Ok i wanna make DVDs on my PC i only have a CD Burner, i will buy the HP dvd300i DVD Writer.

    I hear some negatives about this can you guys explain a bit more? can it burn DVDs to like see on my DVD player?


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    *advice*ok many ppl believe you do need a dvd-rw to make movies play on your dvd player, but thats a common mistake...

    dvd-rw can be used mainly for data back-up...

    the thing is, n00bs (like yourself) think the qaulity will be dvd, but its not, QAULITY CAN NEVER BE BETTER THAN ITS SOURCE....

    you can use a cd-rw to make movies play in ur dvd player...*advice*

    the first thing you need to do is decide if your dvd player plays S/VCD or DVD-R/W....thats another mistake n00bs do, they buy the burner and relize that their dvd player doesnt support dvd-r

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    I didnt get it sorry. So that means this particular device doesnt burn CDs but instead only backups data like a DATA DVD? not a DVD Movie?



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    does your dvd player support dvd-r/w??

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    Currently i dont have a DVD player, i just have a very cheap CD burner. Im trying to buy this DVD writer cuz its $119, but i mostly want to know the difference between the terms of a

    DVD Writer and a DVD Burner

    These are the specifications of the item:

    Got 15 minutes? Write a DVD in a flash with the DVD writer dvd300i. This speedy device also lets you preserve up to 4.7GB of photos, video, and graphics.

    write DVDs twice as fast as with earlier technology
    edit, share, and preserve video and digital photos
    back up information on DVDs and CDs
    use one convenient software program to capture, author, and edit material: ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD
    edit a DVD without rewriting the entire disk
    download video to portable devices for transporting it and giving presentations
    reliably back up, protect, and restore files or your entire hard drive
    watch DVD movies from the convenience of your own computer
    create a photo slide show or album to view on your PC or TV with HP Memories Disc Creator
    drag and drop files to CD or DVD from Windows Explorer, or save directly from any application

    basic warranty

    one-year limited hardware warranty

    what's in the box?
    HP internal DVD Writer
    software CD including electronic user's guide
    quick-start placemat
    getting help guide
    how do I? guide
    installation screws
    1 blank DVD+RW rewritable disc
    software included: ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD, Veritas RecordNow, DLA and Simple Backup, HP Memories Disc Creator, CyberLink PowerDVD, ArcSoft Multimedia Email

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    dvd burners are go investments, ignore all that i said earler, just make sure you got a dvd-r/w player!

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    And remember you cant do exact same copies of dvd because some of them wont fit in those 4 gigs they offer, so dont expect to CLONE dvd like you clone Cd

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    Oh i know LOL, no i would download the movies here like the biggest ive seen is 1.9 GB for a full film and in great quality, in MPG format.

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    ok the thing you need to understand is that factory-pressed DVDs have a higher capacity than home-made DVDs. it's because factory-pressed discs can have multiple data layers (all players are able to read these), but DVD burners can only write a single layer.

    burned DVDs have a capacity of 4.37gb (the disc packaging says 4.7gb, but you can only use about 4.37gb out of that), and a factory-pressed one may have up to about 9gb i think. so if a DVD that you want to back up contains less than 4.37gb of data, you can easily make a copy of the full disc. if it contains more than that, you may have to copy just the movie and skip the bonus materials.

    if the movie itself is larger than 4.37gb, you may be able to strip away some of its features like the extra audio tracks in order to fit it onto a DVD-R. there will be no difference in quality, it's just that you won't have a copy of the extra audio tracks.

    and then there will be a few rare cases in which you just can't copy a movie without re-encoding the video, unfortunately, just because the video + one single audio track still exceeds 4.37gb. but for the most part, you CAN make an accurate backup of most movies on a single DVD-R.

    oh, and the terms "write" and "burn" are interchangeable. a burner is a writer. if you were to buy a burner, you may as well get a stand-alone DVD player for your TV since there are a lot of models that cost less than $50 and they play DVD-Rs just fine. if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should make sure that the burner you're buying has good compatibility with cheap generic discs so that you can get bargains like this--
    it takes about one hour to burn a full DVD-R at 1X speed, and about 15 minutes at 4X speed. but at 65 cents per disc, i think one hour is pretty tolerable.

    if your burner is able to use generic discs, they are a much better value than name brands that usually cost at least $2 per disc. in my experience, Pioneer DVR-105 and DVR-106 models handle generic discs very well. they also go by the names "A05" and "A06."

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    Thanks so much for explaining this to me. I already bought a package of 50 DVD-Rs (Silver, which look like real ones) I beleve they are double sided i paid $68 for the bundle.

    I hope they are compatible with the burner.

    I also have another problem with my video card or the video quality so i think will make a new post about that.

    But thanks very much for your time and help.

    Last thing, in conclusion then should i buy the writer/burner?



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