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Thread: Is There A Way ?

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    Ok here is my question is there a way to either get past windows xp home activation screen after the 30 day trial is up or is it possible to boot in dos mode so a format is possible ???

    and if so what can i do it with or how if answer is not allowed PM me plz thx

    is it possible to change registration code on win xp home ?? thx

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    search google for windows xp home activation crack
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    You can d/l a crack for it or you can just windows xp pro corporate which is windows xp pro with no activation. So you get the benefits of Pro without the activation. They have a bunch on via bittorrent and I know there is a working one on kazaa, i think it is in winzip extractor or something.

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    well thats the problem i need one for home edition windows already installed and passed trial time and same code on another pc so that = &#036;15,000 fine if activated i would really just like to change code on other pc and go ahead and activate the second

    by the way how does bittorrent work where can i get it ???

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    Guest is the best guide but its down ATM here&#39;s the second best guide

    in order to download off bittorrent you need a good client, heres the best out


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