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Thread: Mirc

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    ok maybe im just a dumbass, but i tried to use mIRC and could only get in line to DL something then it said disconnect after idel for 30 sec. I looked all over in the help files and found nothing, i even searched all the setting i went mad looking. so i asked for help in the chat section I get a help file which has a virus! WTF if u know what im doing wrong plz tell me. this is what I do when i see a file i want cttp:so on and so on Icopy and paste for the channel then I type "get" then I copy and paste file name. then it says 8 of 15 in Q i guess im waiting...then after 30 sec i get booted. i have no idea

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    Um weird ass.

    Well just go to a good IRC search engine like or There you can click on the pack number and your IRC client will open automatically and connect to the server and the channel. The command has also been saved to your clipboard, so all you have to do while in that channel is press CTRL-v and paste the command. Sometimes you will in a queue line, but not always. If you get a message stating that the download could not connect, your behind a firewall, you need to find out which ports IRC is sending xdcc through and open those ports manually.

    Just for reference on XDCC gets, the correct syntax is:

    /ctcp tMp-017 xdcc send #24 (All of this aside from the botname and pack stay the same.)
    "botname" "packnumber"

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    Use, and check the number of slots open before trying to download of that bot. If it says "Slots: 0/10", your gonna have to wait. Look for files with open slots. And for more info with screenshots, click the link in my sig and check the guide.

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    ircspy is the way to go. you might wanna read the tutorial on mirc, like how to turn off the accept message, auto resume, the wait time, and w/e else that would mess the dl up.

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    i used this guide to help me teach to how to use mirc


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    ok thank u for the help. i've been trying what used to be tmdmoviz... now is or something like than now.

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    you are still in the queue even after you request the file use the "get" command from a cttp trigger. you can check the status of where you are in the queue by typing either "queue" or "queues" (i forget which one), and you can see how long the transfers will take by typing "transfer" or "transfers"

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    my tip is:

    dont queue unless u really cant do with out the film! u can spend all day in a queue and not get nothin.

    i have a max d/l speed of 70 kb/s, and in the past 2 weeks since ive been usin mirc i have d/l over 30 films, all dvd or dvd screener quality. Alot of it is about timing, u have to remember that the bots arent online all the time, and when they do come on line they have NO QUEUES, i know, its easier said than done, but there is a lot of films out there, i constanley see bots that have no queues that have some great films to offer. So shop around, after all, it is ur bandwidth, and u can do wat u want wiv it

    but dont stop usin K-lite of course, cos it rocks!!!


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