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Thread: Video Card Problem

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    Hi again, im having a bit of trouble. Im trying to record a "camcorder" Live Show from one of my favorite singers to my PC to burn onto DVD. But there is too much static on the video window.

    I hooked up my TV and my PC screen together to see the video on both at the same time, and surprisingly the video on the TV was sharp and clear, on the other hand the one on the PC screen was full of green lines, white lines and blurring etc.

    Any of the experts here know what i can do, is it a video card problem? the PC dont like videos that shake too much?

    Thanks very much!


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    hmmm.. Sounds like magnetic interferance or something to do with the connection you are using. How exactly are you connecting the TV and PC together ?

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    When trying to record the video to the PC i dont connect the TV and PC, only the VCR to the PC. I tried the TV when i saw too much static on the video.

    When i connect the VCR to the PC, i just connect the Audio/Video cables (RCA) to the purple box connector of my PC, then to the back of my VCR. Then i open the ATI TV application and select "Composite" then the VCR screen starts to play.

    When i try a regular video it plays fine, but when i put a Live video when the camera shakes green lines, and static show.

    If you have any more info lemme know


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