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Thread: Dat Preview Help

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    I used to have a program in kazaalite that would save and repair dat files and name them preview of whatever . avi and then i could choose a program to view it with . This really helped in determining codecs and file problems that you cant fix with avi preview . which sucks by the way. I cant find the program anywhere and i know it was part of an old kazzalite version. does anyone know where i can find it. It was a little like datview only it was ment to preview files. I also lost a great program that would automaticly remove bad frames and make a complete file with out having to find the frames yourself. any know where i can find that too . thanks

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    download the klite codec pack and videolan codec pack has bs player and gspot, between the bsplayer and videolan you can play anything and the gspot you can use to see if the files are real or fake

    as far as dat view hit my sig and you'll find one there plus other stuff


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