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Thread: More Sources Needed

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    Hi to all. Am using Kazaa Lite K++. I am sharing 40 good files and tried to D/L 3 movies "2 Days in the Valley" "Croc Hunter" and "Story of Us" That are showing now in verified hashes and verified in a can!
    Well they have all come up in my D/L traffic which is great but they are not D/L they ALL say more sources needed!
    What is this please?

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    Well they ALL say more sources needed
    Just what it says you need more users (online maybe) with these files OR as one famous person says jump supernodes to try and find some,see "pinned" topics of how to do this or F.A.Q.

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    Thank you for answering!

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    Just thought of something!
    Why "more sources needed" when the movies I am trying to D/L are now on the board and up for grabs! They are in verified hashes and verifid in a can!

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    Just because it's in verified hashes doesn't mean it has sources it will have probably that 1 that posted unless it's for older movies. If it's a brand new movie then it will be hard to download. As for that Croc Hunter I think that movie might just be unpopular. But just go to search type in the name of the movie u have in your Traffic Window and make sure u tick the auto search more box and let it search for about a min or two and also in the traffic hit pause and then right-click and press find more sources if u don't get any just try another p2p for the movie like Emule

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    right click find more sorces repeat 20 times or so search for the file name while doing this i find it works for me i really dont think you should of posted this in movie world


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