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Thread: Cs Installation Help

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    i got a .exe file for installing Counter Strike on my P.C, everything is fine, but right at the end of installing, a message pops up saying that it could not open "eula.txt" [licence agreement] i dl it twice, and this message still pops i have to download anything else?

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    rawr counter strike wont work online so no point in downloading just go buy it...20 bucks...comes with all the other half life games...unless u were talkin about condition zero

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    thanx octa.........i think i'll go buy it.............

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    np....actually i can give you my cd key you just have to download the can find it.....n ill give u cd key

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    thanx octa, my email:
    what do you think the file name is?

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    hmm....dont use kazaa...its probably fake try they have one but no seeds....i dont think you will get any percent done if there are no seeders but im not sure! so you can give it a try

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    but why dont you just download steam to play 1.6...?

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    Originally posted by Monkeee@25 October 2003 - 06:08
    but why dont you just download steam to play 1.6...?
    you still need a valid cd key.

    eula.txt is nothing, you should still be able to play cs without it. it's just a text file stating some sorta terms and conditions or something like that.

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    but when i installed that file, everything was allright, and it went up to 99%, but then a warning popped informing me that it cound not open eula.......

    i'll search supernova, what version should i get?[1.5, or 1.6]

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    well, if i was buy counter strike its only 20 bucks, but then if i was you id wait for counter strike condition zero which is comin in like less then 20 days just add 20 more dollars and you will stay with it for like a long time ...your choise

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