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Thread: Windows Media Player Question

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    im trying to add some files to my library in WMP and its telling me to check one of the following: update media info for new files, update infor for new and existing files without media info, or update new and all existing files.
    how will WMP know if its right? what if it updates with wrong info? will all my files be messed up?

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    it doesnt rename any files, it just changes the property values. Why do u use WMP? WinAmp is way better

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    what are the property values. i usually use winamp, but i just started using WMP cause it has a lot of features i like, such as automatically updating your tags when it finds a right match.

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    once you get wmp9, you can't get rid of it PLUS it has DRM

    what the hell is drm you ask

    ohh well I'll just un-install it if its so bad

    you can't, there is no un-install of wmp9

    from the link:
    Windows Me and XP users must rely on a feature called "System Restore" to roll back their Windows installation to a time before they installed Media Player 9 Series if the want to uninstall it. The clunky alternative doesn't really remove all Windows Media Player 9 Series files and could potentially wipe out other system changes.

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    wow, wtf was microsoft thinking. i installed WMP9 sooo long ago. im definitely not doing a system restore. whats so bad about drm? i dontthink drm is important to me because i dont dont stream anything. i only use WMP to play music and movies sometimes.

    also, it says
    Under Windows XP, the media player does not support CD burning using Roxio's popular software. These changes are documented in the product's release notes.

    i dont have any trouble burning cds. i have xp and roxio and WMP.

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    I have seen people post how it changes the header of mp3 and movies, it rewirites it, also has to do with soo many fucked up mp3's on kazza
    and you can't turn off the updates

    and its actually illegal to prevent the automatic updating from the EULA
    so if you want that shit, it your choice, just posting it so people know

    I say fuck that noise, use something else like winamp

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    it only rewrites tags if you tell it to, or if you set it to automatic.
    and yu say iots illegal to not upgrade? what the hell? how would you not upgrade? t he only options are for once a day once a week or once a month?

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    do I even have to respond fuck it Ill put in my last .02
    look you can't turn it off, it has drm, and fucking rewrites the file
    if you want to use it ok, like I said just informing the more intelligent folks to not use it, if after all I posted you think its not cool what its doing then fine, but most don't need more than 1 good reason to use it, and I posted several NOT to fucking use it
    /leaving this thread for the people to decide if its worth it to use WMP9

    edit AFTER ninjamonkey:
    I cant belive you still think it still cool to use it, iM JUST FULL OF SHIT AND ITS A GREAT PROGRAM

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    so im dumb now cause i use WMP.

    it doesnt rename your files or anything unless you change it or if you have it set on automatic or if you tell it to search for the album and you click on one of the results. if you click on the wrogn album, thats your own stupidness and yoru file is gunna be named wrong. and btw, thats all abotu the tags, the actual name that appears in your music folder or whatever folder you keep your music in will not change.


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