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Thread: Riping To Cd

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    when downloading program files off kazzaa not many of them are in zip form so if you download one of the other type of files then try to open it up and install the program onto the computer it dose not work.

    Do all these files need to be burnt to cd first before it can be installed, these files are either Bin or iso, i read on one of these foums that you need to use Nero to burn them onto cd, is this the only way or can u still get zip files of the programs that work with out having to go thrugh the process of burning to cd.

    Or is there a way of loading a bin or iso file stright onto you hard drive before installing the program.

    Can some one help please dont direct me to some other page as its doin me headin trawling through all the pages tryin to find out the info


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    it depends on what the contents of the bin/cue and iso files are . for eg., most games bin/cue and iso will need to be burned to a cd or mounted onto a virtual drive (say,Alcohol 120's VD) in order to be played/used. but some other bin/cue and iso files contain a compilation of ,say, antivirus program files/folders and these files/folders can be extracted from the iso onto your HDD using tools like isoBuster,UltraISO,IsoCommander,WinISO to name a few.then you just find the setup.exe and run it. basically ,once you have the tools/softwares to enable you to manipulate the iso,bin/cue files that you download then you will be able to do almost anything you want with them.
    see this also

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    you can get zips and even the straight .exe files, i have, but i think thats kinda like playin roulette with my cpu (i'm just crazy enough to try it )(i always scan em before runnin em) its just not recommended too much to get progs off kazaa, from what ive read in this forum, and ive gotten enough bogus progs to lend those warnings some credit... (you could prorbably even run into bad zips and such also, its recommended more to try 'verifieds' as opposed to kazaa search)
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    Thanks for that konnie will give it a try when i'v read the document

    Thank Steve

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    Can u only use nero to burn iso or bin cd's can it not be done using Roxio 5 also what about exe files.

    You will have to forgive me for all the qestions but am new to all this and need step by step instructions on how to do things like this. but once i'v got the hang of it can help other pepole.

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    dont even waist your time burnning those boss, just get daemon tools, it gives you a virtual cd/dvd drive, you mount it to the drive and viola you are done under 2 minutes

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    use nero to burn your stuff, it should work fine.

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    Roxio works 1005 better, Nero is just sad. Sory, I dont like Nero.

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    Originally posted by Wizzandabe@26 October 2003 - 11:07
    Roxio works 1005 better, Nero is just sad. Sory, I dont like Nero.
    I agree, Nero does not work for me either. What version is out this week x.x.x.xx
    and try to keep up on the updated plug-in's as thanks.
    Besides, you dont see a pinned help topic on EZCD DVD Creator 6 do ya?

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    Ok musleman where do i get daemon tools from

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