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Thread: I Need Internet Help

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    Ok, I download music files all the time and other files form and Im not totally sure but My ISP can see what I downlaod right?( which is comcast) Anyway, is their anyway i can somehow erase or something to what I download or some type of program to like help me hide what I download?? (besides a proxy or if it is a good one thats free) Im just wondering if someone could help me out I would appreciate it alot!

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    someone smart? (not here)...
    there are utilities that are supposed to hide your browsing history, i think by norton and maybe webroot...or try looking here for maybe a freeware utility, keep checkin in here someones bound to pop in with somethin better if that link doesnt help...g/l
    and i'm not sure, but i think your ISP can only see your browsing habits, you know, where you go, the give away for downloads is on your HDD, i could be wrong though...
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    i dont think there is a program that stops ur isp from seeing that u download
    doesnt it have to pass the information to them before it goes to ur computer?

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    in short- there is NO WAY to hide anything that you do online from your ISP.

    if the internet is the superhighway, then your ISP is the car that you use to ride on it. when your computer connects to the net, it does so, thru your ISP. every site that you look at, every program that goes out through the internet, goes out through your ISP's servers first. there's no way around this.

    proxies wont help you with this. this is how a proxy works: you connect to your isp, then to the proxy, then to whatever website. the proxy blocks the connection from the website, back to your isp, but not vice versa, because if it did, then you would lose conn. proxy is a privacy tool for blocking the origin of the connection, once you Are connected. The isp Is that connection.

    privacy wares wont help you against your ISP. those are for getting rid of stuff that you put on the comp while you are using it. your isp dont read that stuff (well....some do, like those 9.95 a month ISP's that get additional funds by selling off info about you to advertisers.) As I said before, everything that you do online, you do THROUGH them. they dont have to read what's already on your comp, they can read it as it goes TO and FROM your comp.

    Here's another thread that is about this exact same thing, from the exact same ISP. Pretty much says the same thing that I've said here


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