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Thread: Gta Vice City Ripped - Graphic Problem

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    I d/l the ripped version but I am having graphic glitch. I did a search on here but came up with nothing. Does anyone know how I can fix this. I don't want to d/l the iso because I'm on dial-up.


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    sorry to say this mate but if you EVER download a ripped game chances are you can't update it for anything thats why I stick to ISO's.

    I know how fustrating it will be to read this because this happend to me with Max Payne when I wanted to add a mod it wouldn't work because it was missing some key files.

    Probably the same thing with vice city my m8 also has same prob as you but he got the patch I have a prob with it I don't get sound and when i goto options Audio isn't there I think the Kazaa Codec pack interfers with Vice City or it could just be me.

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