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Thread: 1500 Mb Iso Over 2 Cds... How?

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    Midnight club 2.... and cds only hold around 700 mb each how is this supposed to fit?

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    Is that a game?

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    You'll have to get 800mb disc's. I am getting pissed cuz alot of the stuff i get latley are under 800 but above 700mb.

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    I thought you could burn em on 700mb cd's
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    you can do a overburn which will give you slightly more room, but not 1500 mb on a 700 mb cd....
    unless the cd is magic!

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    Yeah 1500 on 2 700 will be impossible.

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    Is it X-box or ps2? if it is PC then it is 2 CD's. If it is just one ISO then either the person who made it is a complete idiot or it is for console.

    IF it is a pc game and it is one ISO or bin, you can mount it to install it, and to burn it you can extract the contents and burn onto two CD's. It would be best if you could find out the file structure of each CD however or you are going to have to switch them constantly to install, for each file that it is looking for/it may not work at all if the files are in the wrong place.

    EDIT: I guess that i could be a pc game on a dvd, but i did not think that midnight club was release this way.

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    Dont worry about it. Its got to do with the file format.

    I cant remember how the ISO's are but on a hard drive, 1024 bytes = 1kb and its different on cd's

    So thats why when you make an ISO out of a cd, its bigger than what it tells you.

    Like i just made an iso out of V8 supercars australia race driver and the ISO is 744mb and 55kb

    When you go into the cd itself and select all then go proprties it sais its 632mb.

    If you are getting an error about there is not enought space on the disk it could mean that you are using the wrong program to burn it with.

    Get a program called winiso and open up the ISO and at the bottom it should tell you how big it really is and you should notice that no games actually exceed 700mb.

    If they do its because they have fake files on them that trick the burning program that its bigger than what it really is.

    If its a dvd disk then its different.

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