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Thread: Bee Icons

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    Bee Icons
    Shareware (easy to find the fix)

    Bee Icons - one of the most powerful and easy to use tool that allows you by means of only several mouse clicks to replace a lot of shell icons to those ones you do like.
    The program is settled for Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP and allows to change icons of the Desktop, Start Menu, any Drives, any Folders, and all file types. Using Bee Icons, you can easily shift one or a couple of icons or even all icons using icons themes.



    More themes on the site.

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    yeah, i agree, pretty cool prog

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    Shareware (easy to find the fix)
    Is that by PMing you?

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    Looks good! Thanks for sharing SH


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    Ye Programs Great - Posted The Hash In My List In The "Can"

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    didnt know how hard is to find a crack of this product and still no luck !!

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    For all those who can't find a fix for the prog, just pm sharedholder


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