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Thread: Dst Ends In North America, Europe And Russia

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    Daylight Saving Time changes on Sunday October 26th

    Back one hour at 2 am local time:
    North America, Western Europe

    The clock will be set back one hour from 2 am to 1 am in the parts of USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal that observe Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time.

    Back one hour at 3 am local time:
    Central Europe

    The clock will be set back one hour from 3 am to 2 am in the parts of Central Europe that observe Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time, including Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, most of western Russia (including Moscow) and many more.

    Back one hour at 4 am local time:
    Eastern Europe

    The parts of Eastern Europe that observe Daylight Saving Time set back the clock one hour from 4 am to 3 am. The countries affected are Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Finland, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

    The common rules are: (but please check The World Clock for actual changeover times in your area).
    • The parts of North America that are observing Daylight Saving Time will return to Standard Time on October 26th 2003. Most places the clock will be set back one hour from 2 am to 1 am. There are exceptions for the Nuvanut Territory in Canada and for some islands in the Caribbean Sea.
    • Most parts of Europe that observes DST set the clock back 1 hour at 1 am UTC time, which means that Western Europe (England, Ireland and Portugal) set back clocks one hour at 2 am, Central Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Sweden etc.) at 3 am, Eastern Europe (Greece, Turkey, Finland etc.) at 4 am.
    • Russia will set back clocks one hour at different times in different regions, see The World Clock for details.

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    thanks for that B)
    by the way don't u realise time is one big distraction and illusion

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    An extra 1 hour in bed

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    Originally posted by Smooch@25 October 2003 - 22:55
    An extra 1 hour in bed

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    being the swish guy i am all my clocks are radio controlled, except the Playstation 2, the damn lump of crap
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    "FALL" BACK more sweep

    "SPRING" FORWARD less sweep

    my 2 cents
    jay lol

    btw u like my sig??

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